Nick Sareeram

A little about me

I am a 16- year veteran of law enforcement. I began my career in 2003 with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department where I worked assignments in custody and court security. I lateraled to the Lodi Police Department in 2004 where I worked assignments in patrol and special investigations (gangs/narcotics). In 2014, I lateraled to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office where I’ve since held assignments at the Main Jail, Rancho Cordova PD and now my most recent assignment for the last two (2) years at Impact in the Gang Suppression Unit.

I am a father of three (3), a 7-year old boy Ryan, a 14-year old stepson Ezekiel and a 17-year old stepdaughter, Abigail. I am 8 years in to a happy marriage to my wife Jayma, a Lodi PD dispatcher.

Why am I running the board?

It’s simple – I’ve been in law enforcement long enough to understand the importance of a solid support system and legal backbone which happens to be our union. We pay dues to our union and we expect in return to receive moral and legal support in the times we are in need. I get that and that’s why I want to make sure the entire Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff’s Association receives what they pay for. I want to ensure we are always advancing and never giving up the benefits we work so hard for.

What qualifies me to be on the board?

Anyone familiar with me knows that I am a communicator, first and foremost and I enjoy sharing my opinion diplomatically. I am an open-minded person who likes to get down to basics when discussing politics. I believe in equality, fairness and most of all I believe in listening to people’s opinions and discussing options to ensure everyone is cared for. If there’s a question, there’s an answer and I like to get to the heart of the matter to ensure the reason is fair.

I came to this department because I loved the support members gave to others and the family atmosphere. Believe me when I tell you other departments are not even close to where we are in terms of support and that family atmosphere we all enjoy. Let’s maintain that!

Please vote for me to be a member of the Board of Directors so I can ensure your voice is heard and our close-knit family stays in tact.

Thank You,
Nick Sareeram